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Guidance Sessions

About The Guidance Sessions

  • Living your design requires more than a foundation reading. It is a way for you to live according to your true nature and applying the information you received to your daily life.
  • These sessions provide guidance on consciously experimenting with your design, and supporting your de-conditioning process.
  • In a guidance session we look at your life through the lens of your design. It is a safe place for you to share your personal experiences while being supported in your experiment, and empowered by your design.
  • These sessions are created for those of you seeking to develop a deeper ongoing practice to awaken and align with your true nature and purpose.
  • These are generally offered monthly or as needed.
  • Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading


Additional Information

Sessions are managed and recorded online using Zoom, which requires access to a computer or tablet with microphone, video camera, and a strong internet connection. You may record the session in video and audio format or recordings can be sent to you afterward. Session recordings are for private and personal use only. Once you have booked your session, you will receive an email confirmation with a form to fill out your birth data. Once form is submitted you will receive an email to schedule your appointment time.  Appointments are usually available within 1-3 weeks of booking.



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