About Mor Tzivoni,

a Certified Human Design Analyst + Guide

Mor Tzivoni - Human Design Certified Professional

Hi, I’m Mor!

Most of the time you will find me with a cup of tea. And a book. A Human-Design book to be more specific. I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in NY, admiring the forests and waters, while still not sure how my warm nature ended up living in such a cold place. And liking it.

As everything in my life, I bumped into Human Design. After years of exploration, working with plants, experiencing different meditation practices, and various self development and spiritual paths, from past life regressions and NLP, through Theta healing and Reiki. I found growth, healing and love in them all, but eventually reached a point where my energy was gone. I did not find the truth I was looking for, and it was frustrating.

Numbers used to intimidate me. And I was never attracted to Astrology. How did I find myself attracted to Human Design?!

My unexpected encountering with Human Design left me no choice but to surrender to it. It was what I was always looking for, and I was soon immersed in studying this deep knowledge. This is what my body was longing for- an empowering way to be myself, through understanding and experiencing with my own tool box. A spiritual yet practical journey to get to know Thyself. It is as crazy as it gets, and as satisfying as it can be. Life is unexpected – and this is MY ride.

My Path Into Human Design

I met Human Design in the beginning of 2018. I was looking for a way to be able to see my daughter as who she is, without my own glasses. Now I see clearly how my Manifestor child initiated me, through her channel of initiation, into Human Design. I found myself immediately immersed in this knowledge, discovering and experimenting with living according to my design.

My open root with it’s tremendous pressure to go on new experiences took me to many places. It took me to Human Design, and to the greatest experience of all- the journey back home, to me.

I finally found truth that I can trust. I found what it is to be satisfied, and realized how much energy I have when I do what I love. I found me. And when I stopped trying to be what I am not, I learned to love me.

I found truth my body always knew existed, and I am here to share it with you. With care and support, I am here to empower you to be your own unique self and your own authority. I am here to be me. You are here to be you.

Rave Mandala
Mor Tzivoni - IHDS Certified Professional Badge


All readings are certified by the International Human Design School (IHDS) and fulfill pre-requisites for further training in any IHDS certified program.


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