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The journey into you begins with a map and a key. Your own map and key.
Your map- a way for you to know yourself like never before.
Your key- how you are designed to live without resistance, and make correct decisions.

You are here so you can be empowered to be your own authority.
Anchored in living your true self and making decisions that are correct for you-
is the profound path to self-acceptance and the embracement of what it is to be you and to own your life.
Self-Love naturally follows.

No need to know the way. Just to take the first step into the experiment of your life.
Are you stepping in?


Your type is the bedrock of your design, and following your body’s natural strategy is the way to live without resistance.


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“It’s just about us, Human Beings,

Each and every one of us,

One at a time waking up to the truth,

Your own truth, the perfection of what it is to be you.”


Ra Uru Hu

About Me

My name is Mor. I am a Human Design certified analyst, guide, and always, a student of this profound knowledge. Here to care and nourish, my support is grounded by empowering you to be your unique self and to live a life that is purposeful.

Mor Tzivoni - Human Design Certified Professional


Sharings from my amazing tribe

It’s so liberating

Wow, just wow. I am so thankful for your work, your care, attention, and experience. 

I feel like I finally have the authority to step into everything that I am. It’s so liberating.
I’m sure you’re aware of most of this, but I still feel it’s worth speaking. Your ability to give me space when I needed it to just feel and go through my emotions, was so meaningful. I was actually stunned to see how much of an impact your reading of the open centers was on me. Probably the biggest baggage I had been carrying for so long was finally given permission to be let go. So thank you for that space, and the courage to see me in my emotions. So much gratitude!
Kevin P. Crone- 6/2 Sacral Generator

Video Editor

Better than any therapist session

I am still awe and so very happy I received a reading from you Mor
Thank you for a wonderful experience it has been so much better than any Therapist session I have ever or could ever take. The words you used were perfect for me to hear I haven’t even seen the video again. But I know that I will hear more words you used that greatly impacted me and was exactly what I needed to hear to give me the great satisfaction feeling I have right now. 
Esmeralda Mirella De Armes

5/1 Sacral Generator

Floored by the many profound insights

For me, Human Design is more accurate than any other life coaching tools I have ever used in the past. It helps you understand yourself on a whole different level and Mor definitely helped me with exactly that!  I was floored by the many profound insights shared by her during my reading as she gently revealed the majority of my weaknesses and blind-spots as well as strengths and other core characteristics. They were ALL spot on!   After the reading with Mor I felt understood (and explained) to the maximum level and I can’t praise her highly enough!  I highly recommend Mor and the journey!

Simon Grinautsky- 5/1 Emotional Manifestor

Entrepreneur, CEO at Blumania Energy. Koh Phangan, Thailand, @simongrinautsky


Feel free to contact me with any questions or wonderings