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The library of Ra Uru Hu, with lots of free materials:

The international school of Human Design:

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THE book to learn ALL the basics in great depth:
The definitive book of Human Design / Ra Uru Hu and Lynda Bunnel


Sacral Generators – this book is for you. It is the transformative journey of a Sacral Generator:
A revolution of one / Mary Ann Winiger


  1. Honor yourself through surrendering to your body’s strategy– I hammered it into you during your reading for a reason 🙂
  2. Be kind to yourself when you meet (again!) your not-self signpost- remember it is also your best ally- it lights up when you are off track to remind you to go back to your center.  This is your gentle ongoing process of alignment.
  3. The foundation of living you is to honor your unique way of making decisions. So you can make decisions that are correct for you. Honoring  your inner authority is tuning into the the wisdom of your body.
  4. Practice observing your mind, it is most likely loud and noisy and has lots to say- don’t be fooled by your thoughts – are’nt you tried of trying to plan your life? what happen if you let go, and simply, live?
  5. Make your mind your chatty friend. It is not about making your mind stop thinking, it will never stop:) Your mind can be a great outer authority, but it is not here to be your authority.
  6. Transformation comes from living you– honor your body and have the courage to surrender into allowing your vehicle to lead the way.
  7. Can you sit at the back seat and let your body take you where you are meant to go?


Most of us make mental decisions. Our decisions are made based on the homogenized mind of well, humanity. We don’t know any other way. And most of our pain is derived from making decisions that are not correct for us. Or from the plans our mind make that never really work. How many master plans for your life your mind attempted to create? And then comes the self blame, the guilt, the regret…

There is a unique inner authority to each one of us. It is in our body. And if we follow the decision making process of our inner authority, we will always be correct. No resistance, no regrets.
This is not about living a fairytale life. This is living the life that is ours. Owning it to its fullest. Knowing that as long as we are grounded in our unique Strategy and Authority, we will always be correct. Even when we go through challenges, these are challenges that are correct for us. That are part of our growth.
Being correct is what aligns each of us into a fulfilled life as an empowered individual being.

“And in that you begin to understand why YOU are here, what you are here to see, what you are here to meet, and what a gift that is.” – Ra Uru Hu

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