Human Design FAQ

What are the Human Design types?

The 4 official types in Human Design are Generators (70% of the population), Manifestors (8% of the population), Projectors (21% of the population) and Reflectors (1% of the population). Your type is determined by your energy field- aura.

What is a Manifesting Generator?

Manifesting Generators are a sub-type of the Generators type. Manifesting Generators have their Sacral defined and connected to their throat. They are designed to operate as Generators- wait to respond to life to bring them with what sparks their energy, and then move into action.

Is human design a religion?

Not at all. Human design is a practical and logic modality that can be incorporated into your life regardless of your belief system. It doesn’t require you to believe in it. It requires you to experiment with it, so you can find out for yourself.

What are Strategy and Inner Authority?

Strategy and Inner Authority are the foundation of your design. These are your unique tools to live a satisfied/successful/peaceful life. Strategy is the way your aura is designed to operate. Inner authority is the place within your body that is responsible to your decision making process.

How is my design created?

Your design is based on your birth data. In order to know your design you need to know your date of birth, time of birth (specific as you can), and place of birth (city, state, country). Your unique design is created at the moment of your birth based on the position of the planets.

How do i know my design?

There are many free softwares where you can generate endless free charts. The most reliable ones are from the international school of Human Design. Your chart will look as an enigma at first, and a Human Design Foundation Reading with a professional analyst is the best way to begin your journey.

How do I choose an analyst/reader?

Human Design became so popular that finding an analyst can be challenging. It is important to look for a certified analyst that went through the full analyst program, and was certified by IHDS (International Human Design School). Certified analysts have a profound knowledge as originally taught.

Who is the founder of Human Design?

Ra Uru Hu is the messenger of Human Design. He was the first student and the first teacher of this knowledge. The Human Design knowledge was revealed to Ra Uru Hu, and he dedicated 25 years of his life to share this knowledge with the world. He died in 2011.

What are the authorities in Human Design?

The authorities in Human Design are the following: Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego (manifested/projected), Sound board, Environment, Lunar. Depending on your type and design you can know what is yours.

Can the mind be an authority?

Our mind cannot be an inner authority. It is a deep conditioning to believe that our mind has the authority to rule our lives. This is how we were raised. After all, it is the loudest and busiest part in us. Our mind can be a great outer authority for others, but it cannot make decisions for us.

How do i know my profile?

Your profile is derived from the positions of the Sun and Earth in your Human Design chart. Those are the two lines in both your Design and Personality Sun and Earth, which makes 70% of the imprint of who you are.

What is a profile in Human Design?

The profile in Human Design is the role that you have come here to play. It can be looked at as the custom that you wear. Your profile is made of two different frequencies, that are very different from one another. Living your design is the way to live in harmony with your profile.

What's happening in 2027 according to Human Design?

2027 is an important year according to human Design, since it is when our global cycle will change from The cross of planning to The cross of the sleeping phoenix. We are at the cusp of our evolutionary process where we are transitioning from a tribal background frequency into an individual era.

What are Raves in human design?

Raves are the new specie that will begin to emerge in 2027. Raves are the evolution of us, Human beings.

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