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Are you in a career crossroad?
Do you feel unfulfilled in your working environment?
Feeling unrecognized for your talents at work?
Are you dreaming of opening your own business and wants to know your strengths and the challenges you may face by working solo?

A Career Design Overview may be the right session for you. A career overview based on your design can shed light on how to fulfill your potential and talent in a working environment.

  • In this overview you will receive your initial 6 success codes:
    • What is your career type- How do you best express yourself in the world
    • Personal interaction- How do you best interact with others
    • Decision making strategy- How do you best make decisions
    • Key indicators- important signposts to keep you on track
    • Assimilation- How do you process information
    • Environmental style- What work setting do you work in best?

90 minutes session.

About Career Design In-Depth Reading

Part One - Career design overview session - The 6 Success Codes that support your career

Part Two - Your In-Depth complete Success Codes:

  • Business skills- What skills do you bring to the table?
  • Team & Business attributes- What business attributed do you bring to the table?
  • Defined functions- What functions define your consistent strengths?
  • Shadows/Distractions- Where do you get taken off track?
  • Public Role- How do you manifest your purpose in the world?
  • Life Work- What is the overall theme of your purpose in the world?
  • Traits & Qualities- What is your unique expression of these gifts?
  • Large business strengths- How do you best work in a large group?

Two sessions - 120 minutes each.

Additional Information

Sessions are managed and recorded online using Zoom, which requires access to a computer or tablet with microphone, video camera, and a strong internet connection. You may record the session in video and audio format or recordings can be sent to you afterward. Session recordings are for private and personal use only. Once you have booked your session, you will receive an email confirmation with a form to fill out your birth data. Once form is submitted you will receive an email to schedule your appointment time.  Appointments are usually available within 1-3 weeks of booking.

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