7 Tips To Embark On Your Human Design Journey

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What inspired me to write this blog are many clients who share their challenges trying to navigate their personal Human Design journey.

If you are new to Human Design it can look very complex, and with its growing popularity, you can get overwhelmed just by the amount of information that is out there. It can be equally overwhelming looking at your design chart for the first time. One can get confused with the many numbers, lines, and symbols. I know I did. It can intimidate you enough not to investigate it any further.

This is an easy guide to making your Human Design journey practical and awakening. Beginning your adventure, it is important to keep it simple. Using the framework suggested below, and building a solid understanding of the foundation of your design will simplify your experience, so you can transform your life.

These 7 tips are a suggested framework for those of you who are looking for a way to establish a deeper relationship with your design. So you can become what this knowledge is here to teach you- how to accept yourself and your life wholeheartedly. In other words, becoming your best friend- your soul mate is you. Human Design gives you the key to navigating life without resistance as the empowered individuated self-loving being you are here to be.

Don’t believe me? Great. You are in the right place. Don’t take my word for it- Test it for yourself, and see if it works for you. Having your own experience through living your design is the ultimate proof.

1. Generate your Free Chart

Get to know what your design chart looks like. Begin with the fundamental basics of your chart- your type. Are you a Generator, Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector? Most likely you are not the type you think you are, so take the time to contemplate what your type means and how it plays out in your life.

Read about the important terms in your design- your Strategy, Inner Authority, Signature, Not-self theme, and Profile. Don’t worry about not understanding the chart, the numbers, or the symbols. Just take it in.

Generate your free chart here

Begin with learning the basic concepts that are at the sidebar of your generated chart or free report. Most likely you will have a deep resonance with your type, signature, and not-self theme. It is the doorway to remind you who you are.

Acquiring your Inner Authority is another stepping stone to knowing your design. Learning how your decision-making process works is an eye-opening process and knowing it can be deeply transformative.

This foundation of your design is so deep, so alive, that establishing an awareness of how it plays out in YOUR life is crucial. Take as much time as needed to contemplate those concepts.

2. The original knowledge

In three words- Ra Uru Hu. The original knowledge is taught through the teachings of the founder and messenger of the Human design system, Ra Uru Hu. I can’t urge you enough to learn from his teachings as a core part of your Human Design journey. You can find lots of his free material online. Learning from the source is essential if you want to have your unique interpretation and independent understanding of Human Design and yourself.

Especially at the beginning of your journey, it is important to follow teachers or guides that studied through his schools and have a clear mention of his name on their platforms. Not to glorify him, but as a simple proof that your guide gained their knowledge from the original teachings of Human Design, and not from divergent teachings that may not be loyal to the original knowledge.

Learning from unofficial sources that claim to be experts is where you get confused. At least at the beginning of your process, make sure to choose experts who acknowledge the origin of Human Design on their platforms. It is the dignity to give credit to the source of this knowledge, and not claim it to be “their own”.

For links to the official teachings of Human Design, you can check out this Resources page.

3. Have your Foundation Reading

Understanding your design chart begins with a foundation reading. This is the basic and foundational reading of your design. It is the first reading and may also be the only one. A foundation reading is required if you will want to have advanced readings in the future, such as a Relationship ReadingChild development analysis, Cycle Reading, or other advanced readings.

A foundation reading will cover the external layers of your design, including your gifts, challenges, the lessons you have come here to learn, your nature vs nurture, how your energy flows, and how your decision-making process works. A good reading will empower you to your best potential while showing the obstacles that may stand in your way.

Getting a reading when you have some basic knowledge about the general elements of your design is helpful. Experimenting with following your Strategy, and honoring your Inner Authority for some time before your reading can be beneficial too. But it is not a must. Many of my clients come clean slate with no background in their design.

Reading tips

  • Remember the date of your foundation reading. Your foundation reading is the entry door to your de-conditioning process. It is the beginning of a 7-year cellular transformation.
  • Take time after the reading to allow the information you received to process before you return to your day.
  • Make sure you have a recording of your reading- any analyst should record your reading and provide it to you. A good reading is a helpful alignment tool. And every time you re-listen to it you will deepen your self-awareness.

4.  Choosing your Foundation Reading Analyst

On your foundation reading, I highly recommend choosing a certified analyst- a Human Design expert who studied through an official Human Design school and the teachings of Ra Uru Hu. It is totally legit to ask your potential analyst where they studied.

The only school that provides the official certification for all analysts worldwide is the International School of Human Design. You can find a list of Certified analysts on their website.

The official analyst program takes 3 intensive years. It is a commitment and a life path. And providing you with a transformative reading is a huge responsibility.

Analyst vs Reader

“Analyst” is a certified Human Design professional. A “Reader” is a more broad term. In many cases, a “Reader” learned to read design charts through an individual school that is not professionally certified to teach chart analysis.

The more popular Human design becomes, the easier it is to become a “reader”. In some cases, one can become a chart “reader” over a weekend. Though there are many great readers, at the beginning of your encounter with human Design it can be difficult to determine who is a good reader and who is not.

I don’t know about you, but I would not go to get examined by a doctor who learned about the human body over a weekend. Human Design is delicate knowledge, where you can gain deep awareness about yourself, and it can have deeply therapeutic results. Receiving false information can cause the opposite.

I have done many readings for clients who got their readings from unreliable resources and received confusing and/or misleading information. This can lead you to doubt the validity of your design and lose a golden opportunity or receive an inaccurate foundation for your design.

5. Becoming a Witness of Your Mind

The practice of watching our thoughts instead of identifying with them is a precious and illuminating practice.

Our minds can be so loud. It has lots to say and it does not stop chattering. After all, it is where our language is formed- it is the only part of us that uses words. Our minds can be inspiring, doubtful, confused, oppressive, opinionated, insightful, and full of ideas. Our minds are stubborn and want to be in control, and it can be more challenging if you have a defined mind. Our loud minds are ruling our life and dictate our decisions.

We live in a society that glorifies the mind, and we were raised to make our decisions mentally. When I was young, whenever I didn’t know what to decide my father told me to make a list of pros and cons to make a decision. That never worked! My mind always manipulated my decision.

Unlike other spiritual practices, practicing Human Design does not require eliminating your thoughts. It does require you to prioritize it differently in your life. Your mind is not here to make decisions. It is not your inner authority, but it has the potential to be a great outer authority for others.

Knowing how to make decisions as your true self is the most important thing your design will teach you.

As you deepen living your design you will begin to become an observer of your mind.

Some of the things you can do to begin detaching from your mind:

  • Write a journal that is dedicated to all the thoughts your mind has. Read it after a month and see how it is occupying you.
  • Give your mind a name. Refer to your mind as a friend and build a relationship with it.
  • Let your mind chatter, but whenever you become aware of it, gently remind yourself to go back to your center and breathe.

The most important thing is not to act based on what your mind tells you. Your mind doesn’t have the energy to act. It can only try to force your body’s energy to act. This can be a tremendous source of frustration, bitterness, anger, or disappointment. And you end up living your life out of guilt and shame that you can’t manifest it. Well, you are not meant to. Life has a plan for you, and it can only be manifested when you let go and allow your life to do its thing.

6. Experiment with Living your Design

Human Design is exquisite knowledge, and there is probably so much you want to explore. Let your mind be indulged in this knowledge, it is a great way to keep it occupied. But make sure you establish yourself in the core foundation of your design. You can find yourself getting lost in trillion details, but if you are looking for a true life transformation, the secret lies in the foundation.

However you go, and whichever route you take, what’s most important is the embodiment of living your design for a deeply fulfilled life.

Human Design is meant to be lived, not to be mentally accumulated. The most important thing is that you anchor yourself with:

Your Strategy– your personal interaction. Most of us constantly meet resistance in life by trying to push against the river and bring mental visions into manifestation. Your Strategy is the way you are designed to interact in the world, which is most likely very different than you thought.

Your Inner Authority– how your decision-making process works. Most of us lived our life making decisions mentally and the quicker the better. Listening to your Inner Authority and following the way you are designed to make decisions is how you can make correct decisions, and stop regretting mental decisions. What a relief!

You don’t need to know anything about Human Design. Following your Strategy and Inner Authority can be enough to transform your life.

7. The Education Process

The most common question I am asked by a new client at the end of their reading is- what’s next? What is the best way to deepen my knowledge?

For some, continuing to self-study Human Design can be enough. Others, want to begin a formal education process.

The first official course is- LYD- Living Your Design. You can find certified Living Your Design Guides, some of them give private courses, or, you can join an LYD course through the official international Human design website ihdschool.com. You can also look for an official Human Design school in your country, that will teach it in your native language. LYD is the first course out of three foundation courses (the other two are Rave ABC and Rave Cartography).

If your path is to become a Human Design professional analyst, those three courses are prerequisites (as well as getting a reading from a certified analyst). Then you can begin your analyst program.

If you made it this far it means that you found something very special in Human Design, and you are determined to try it out. Human Design is the door to a life that is not ruled by your mind, or by anyone else’s, but a life that is rooted in your flow, your path, and your fulfillment.

I want to acknowledge your courage to walk this path of revealing your authentic self. It deserves to shine. Own your truth, and hug this person, this person is the only you that there is.

I wish you a deeply fulfilled life, anchored in your path, and loyal to yourself.

May your radiant signature imprint the world.



Feel free to contact me with any questions or wonderings